Ghost Town in China

With a population of over 1.3 billion people, China is one of the most overwhelming places in the world. Besides being populus, the country is known for its unprecedented growth and development. China is constantly growing, using technology to change the landscape such that an estimate of 350 million people in the next decade will move from their native places to cities. This is not only means the largest population movement in human history but is also the rise of mega cities and the demolition of old structures.

China Ghost Cities

Such phenomenal changes can be seen in Chinese cities like Chongqing that has a population of 31.5 million people. Most of its residents have not even heard about the Australian city Melbourne or the famous architect Robert Caulfield, who is among the experts invited in by the Chinese to transform the city. Caulfield designed have been highly praised by the Chinese administration and he will be responsible for creating sketches and animated designs of the construction that will take place. However, it is difficult for these experts to come up with plans at the current rate of development in China where road are being build even before the designs are laid out. With companies like China Inc that come up with five-year plan for development, everything moves at an unbelievable speed. Experts say that doing business with the Communists is good because they are good at making decisions and their full-throttle philosophy that has transformed cities like Shanghai.

In China, old buildings with red characters painted on them is a common sight. It means that the structure will be demolished. These sites are then transformed into skyscraper and become the emblem of this soaring metropolis. We came across a grand old traditional house where a Chinese family has lived for the last 70 years. They have put up banners in protest to let people know that they don’t want to move out of their house. On examining their neighbourhood, we found that the house is surrounded with high-rise buildings and this stand-alone house is the only traditional home in the vicinity. The administration is asking the family to vacate but they don’t want to move out. However, this is not the only protesting family, there are many others. When these people refuse to vacate their houses, developers begin construction around their houses regardless of the height and vastness of the structure. These people can’t even lodge complaints since the development is so rapit. A new building is raised as quickly as the old ones are demolished.

Empty Apartments in China

You can see 30 story hotels and other buildings that have been raised from ground in just two weeks. With prefabricated floor plates and walls put in place by a crane, these buildings look like a big Lego. The problem with this kind of development is that they all look the same.

China’s unfathomable ambition to rehouse hundreds of millions of citizens has created some truly bizarre anomalies. Imagine yourself as the last person on our planet, wouldn’t it feel eerie? That’s how few of China’s cities feel right now! There are cities fully developed with tall buildings, schools, hospitals and roads but not a soul living there. One such city is Lingam, an hour’s drive from Shanghai, that was built for nearly a million people. However, it’s almost like a cardboard cutout of a city with rows of vacant shops, restaurants and office buildings yet to be occupied by people. Walking around these cities is disconcerting, specially when you see empty malls and apartments.

Why is China Building Ghost Cities

Hong kong-based Financial Analysts Gilliam Taluk said that he has neither seen nor heard of the phenomenon of ghost cities ever. Talking about the ghost cities in China, he said that no one has moved into the apartments or started businesses in the malls or market districts and the reason is expenses. He stated that more than 700 million people in China live on less than $2 a day and they simply can’t afford these accommodations. This ghost city has been publicized like China’s Manhattan to match up the standards of world’s biggest Financial district based in New York but it is devoid of any sign of life. It is quite a staggering site to see an entire city quite literally frozen in time now.

No longer than six months ago construction of this massive project was in full swing but now it’s a standstill with at least 30 skyscrapers. The construction work here has stopped officially and the project is on hold. It will not be unreasonable to say that the future of this city looks especially bleak especially in these sub-zero temperatures. Australia’s partnership in building these cities includes design inputs as well as shipment of iron ore and other raw materials to China. So it is basically a supply chain process where India supplies.

When you witness China’s booming population, thriving middle class and unwavering drive to become the world’s dominant superpower, it is hard to believe that almost 500 million people in China still live in what the Chinese government considers to be inadequate accommodation. It is understandable that the government wants to build more habitable homes and cuties. For this purpose they got Robert Caulfield on board to redesign a vast area of the historic city of Nanjing. Building sustainable cities is important since China’s mega cities are connected with the help of the 10000 kilometers long of high-speed train lines with trains that run at the speed of 303 kilometers an hour. If similar trains were running between Sydney and Melbourne, people would be able to travel with the blink of an eye.

Nanjing has a very long and rich history. It was once the ancient capital of China, home to the Ming Dynasty and a revered site. Now entrusted to the Australian architect, China has big plans for this city that includes cable car system that goes along the front of the lake, high-speed rail that goes through buildings in the city and high-rise factories. Plans are in place to develop four retirement villages as well. It’s one thing to sit in Melbourne and dream of this amazing revamp of a city but an entirely different experience to watch it firsthand while the construction is underway. The speed of development in China is mind-boggling.

Best China Gadgets Online

best china gadgets online

The leading e-commerce website Alibaba has a retail side, and that side is known as the AliExpress. It is a place for purchasing goods and different products in small quantities. It offers its buyers a sense of protection that is the foremost thing while buying anything one especially from a website that is not of your country.

Especially when you buy the Chinese products, you want the company to give you a warranty for that product so that you become sure that you are not going to face any loss. You can buy lots of latest tech devices from AliExpress. Some of the smart electronics that you can order from AliExpress China are mentioned below along with their brief descriptions.

SMART Electronics Gadgets from China MUST BUY!

ESP8266 5V Wi-Fi relay module: $9.59

smart thing china

ESP8266 5V Wi-Fi relay module is a popular device these days. Lots of people buy this device because of its top tier features made available at a low price. It is small in size and has a default controller. The controller runs at a speed of 80 MHz. It also has a firmware, but it is optional. You can use it similarly as Arduino.

The ESP8266 5V Wi-Fi relay module available at AliExpress offers its customers has a feature called timeout. When the phone does not give any instructions to this device for a particular period, the module turns the phone off. When you unplug the module and connect the USB to the TTL module-RX and make some other connections, then you can also use the module as a Universal Serial Bus Relay.

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Square Bluetooth anti-lost device: $6.05

Square bluetooth anti-lost device china

It is another excellent product offered by AliExpress. The battery used in this product is a CR2032 3V lithium battery, and the Bluetooth version used in it is Bluetooth 4.0. Its transmission distance is nearly 10 meters. It is compatible with both Android operating system and iOS. This device comes under the category of camping equipment. It is available in different colors, i.e. Pink, White, Blue, Yellow, and Green. The weight of this product is 0.044 kg.

bluetooth lost

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Smart Home IoT Internet of Things Starter Kit V2.0 for Arduino DIY Project Sensor Modules: $79.99

It is another great product and a useful kit offered by the AliExpress. It helps the users in learning all the details in using Arduino. You get a user manual that contains all the details related to Device bit Platform so that it gets easier for you to use it. DIY and apply it to many smart devices. All you need is to spend some time to figure it out.

Smart Home IoT Kit

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Smart Key Bluetooth 4.0 anti-lost child anti-lost alarm: $2.89

anti lost smart key

Smart Key Bluetooth 4.0 anti-lost child alarm is a handy device, and it helps you in finding different utilities or everyday items that always get lost somehow. You have to download an app named iTracing from Play Store and install it to use this device.


Xiaomi Smart Alarm: $35.99


Frequency range: 2400MHz-2480MHzSpeakers: 45mm, Driver x 3Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.1Acoustic range: 20-20,000HzBattery capacity: 2600mAhBattery recharge time: 2-3 hoursBattery duration: 360 hoursOperating temperature: 0 ‘C-40 ‘CWorking distance: 10mPower supply: built-in lithium-ion batteryCharging port: Micro USB charging cableSpeaker impedance: 4Maximum output power: 5WContinuous playback time: 8-10 hours (60% music power)Supported protocols: A2DP/AVRCP/SPPImplementation of the standards: Q/WMSX005-2016 

xiaomi alarm

This mini alarm is another smart and utilitarian product offered by Xiaomi for all lazy bedders. If you cant wake up in the morning, BUY THIS.

All the goods provided by China AliExpress are available at very reasonable and affordable prices, and the customers always remain satisfied with the quality of the products.

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